Day: April 12, 2022

Day Tramp

We are learning to demonstrate an increasing sense of responsibility for incorporating regular and enjoyable physical activity into their personal lifestyle to enhance well-being.


William Pike Day Tramp


On the 18th of March in Autumn we arrived at school at around 9.00am we left school at 9.30am and started walking to the Omotumotu trail for a day tramp. After the Omotumotu tramp we went to grand jeans. We started the Omotumotu tramp around 10:15 – 10: 30. Our whole class came and some parent helpers included my dad Glen, Gareth, Mark, Kirsty, Luzanne & Sarah and of course Ms Kemp and Ms B. We went on this walk because of the William Pike challenge and the day walk was one of the challenges we had to complete.


The most challenging part of the Omotumotu was probably the hills that we had to climb up and finding the right plants and trees on our checklist. There were so many interesting things on this walk because I had never done it before, we even saw a warehouse trolley in the bushes at the start of the walk. We saw heaps of cool plants like wineberry and these massive kahikatea trees which were so epic.


After the Omotumotu walk we did the grand jeans walk. We walked from the Omotumotu walk to grand jeans and then started. We walked the track and ended up at a beautiful creek that didn’t have much water in it. We crossed the creek in groups and then started climbing a very steep hill. This was definitely the most challenging part of it for me but we got there in the end. At the top of the hill there was a ginormous pine tree. We had lunch here and I hastily devoured my delicious dried fruit. We started descending the hill carefully after lunch and saw some year 9s from Grey High that used to go to our school. When we got to the clear water  again we were allowed to take our shoes off and go into the creek. A few people slipped over because of the slimy rocks but no one got completely soaked which was lucky because we still had to stroll back to school. I enjoyed going in the amazing water the most because it was so refreshing and enjoyable. The water was so clear and beautiful when we got there and when we left it was clear no more!


This day out was such a great one. So many people showed leadership and others stepped out of their comfort zone and did AMAZINGLY!!!! We got back to school at about 1:30pm and we were all pretty tired. Thank you so much to all the parent helpers and Ms Kemp and Ms B!


“To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles”

  • Mary Davis

Refugee Poem

WALT  write for an audience. One challenge I have when writing poetry is making it interesting by using great vocabulary.


Do They Know?


Despair and Sadness fills my heart

Unwanted, not needed is all we are

War is upon us we need to go

Bombs rain down as loud as thunder

Shrieks echo throughout the city 


Looking for somewhere we belong

Kilometers and kilometers we quickly run

Just so we are safe and out of harm


Rude, power-hungry people destroying the land

Killing, Torturing, Lying 

Ripping families apart


Some countries welcome us in to their arms

Others turn us away at first sight

Most families help us 

But the rest of them don’t


Do they understand what we have been through

Or do they just think we are like everyone else?


  • Emma Newton, Year 8, Karoro School

William Pike Bike Ride


WALT Demonstrate willingness to accept challenges, learn new skills and strategies, and extend their abilities in movement-related activities.


Our Bike Ride!


On the 8th of April our class and some parent helpers including Rachel, Louise, Joel, Angus, Ainslie, Sarah & Tracey biked to Kumara. We undertook this ride as part of the William Pike Challenge. We started at Watsons creek at about 9:00am and biked to Kumara and back we arrived back at school by about 2:30pm so we were out for about 5 hours. We are so lucky here on the West Coast because for most of the bike we were riding beside the Tasman Sea. Guess what, we biked 48 km in total which is so COOL!!!!

Our class had quite a few stops along the way. First we went from Watsons Creek to Mill Creek with the amazing Thomas in front on his awesome balance bike! After that we biked to the Gladstone shelter and had a bit of a stop there then to Camerons hall where someone had to ride a different bike from because their tyre popped on the New River bridge. From there we biked to the Taramakau River where we had morning tea. Many people wanted to go swimming and fishing there! When everyone had had some snacks we kept going and turned down Tramway road and continued to Kumara. We passed some amazing scenery such as the Kumara Chasm and many other cool things like pohutukawa and rata and of course beautiful birds such as Piwakawaka.


When we got to Kumara we had a play in the playground and ate our lunch. When everyone had eaten their lunch and was ready to go we started the long haul back to school.


 On the way back to school it definitely felt like it went quicker as it always does for me. For me the best part was seeing everyone stepping out of their comfort zone and just being out with my friends for the day. Also I loved seeing this massive bike with a pipe guy on it which had been moved from town to the cycle trail. 


The hardest thing for me was probably how sore my legs got. Luckily they stopped hurting after a while but they still HURT!!! When we arrived back at Watson’s Creek we walked back to school and many people then collapsed on the floor. They were so exhausted.


“It’s not a race, It’s a journey enjoy the moment”

  • Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf