Lake Daniells Poem

We had the opportunity to participate in an overnight tramp for William Pike! I really enjoyed the experience, it was so much fun.


Overnight in the Outdoors


Beautiful beech stretching up tall towards the clouds

Looking very similar indeed we all thought 

Packs on our backs tramping together


Walking across bridges, gravel and creeks 

Playing fun games to fill in the time,

like I Spy and guess who?


A balanced bench marked half way 

We cheered as loud as fireworks,

when It came into sight

Resting our legs we nibbled on snacks

and guzzled some water


Everybody chatted,

Then we continued our trek

Soon we could see Lake Daniell

Everyone was thrilled

Sprinting down the twisting trail


Reaching our destination well before tea

We unlaced our shoes and entered the hut

Manson Nicholls was its name,

because of three men who lost their lives there


The lake was so tempting

We put on our togs

And dashed toward the luring water

I stepped into the lake

 It was like a sheet of ice


Target practice with slingshots followed,

creating utter chaos throughout the forest

Molly hit a bullseye and I was close


The dads chopped rounds of firewood,

Which we carefully loaded into the woodshed 

A tiny mouse was hiding in a tree stump

Poking its face through the gaps


We started making our meal

Which seemed to take as long as a century

The sausages were fantastic

A ten out of ten 


The sun was disappearing 

Ms Kemp took us outside into the woods

We told stories, 

Either scary or funny


Mine wasn’t great

But Ms Kemps was a cracker

We all walked back towards the hut

Shivers moved down my spine because of the stories


Climbing into my snuggly sleeping bag

I tried to fall asleep

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

Someone was knocking on the window

“Dad!” Pippa yelled


We awoke the next morning and started breakfast

Pancakes and bacon were top of the list

We cleaned the hut and said our goodbyes

Then set off back towards the cars


We talked and talked the whole way back

Light drizzle started to fall 

We reached the bench 

Sliding into our rain jackets

To keep out of the wet


We crossed the sluice box 

We were nearly done

The cars were in view 

We kept moving forward bit by bit

We had made it



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