Tom Trueheart Narrative

We had to create a narrative about Tom Trueheart. It was really enjoyable, choosing the characters and settings.


Tom Trueheart and the Wild Voyage 


Once upon a time, a long time ago during the medieval times in England, there lived a young man named Tom Trueheart. Tom really did have a true heart, always believing in himself and others. Tom and his community had a few differences; you might say, they were all the size of the average thumb. When the chance came for him to go on a wild voyage to save his brother, William the Wonderful and William’s wife, Poppy Powerful, he was in! 


That Morning

During the early morning, Tom was woken to loud wailing and shouting. 

“Oh William and Poppy have been taken” one said. 

Tom couldn’t believe his ears.

“It can’t be,” he thought to himself. He jogged wearily towards his brothers cottage and sure enough not one of them was to be seen. The only thing left was a single pearl ring. 


Tom sank down onto his brother’s mattress, asking himself, 

“Where are you brother?”. Tom knew he had to help, he had to go looking for William and Poppy but he had no idea where they could be.


He knocked on many oak doors and gates, hoping someone would know where William and Poppy had been taken. Yet no one seemed to know! Until finally when he was knocking on the last oak door, a small girl answered, her name was Lily Laughing. She was a small town girl with plenty of knowledge and humor, strangely she knew exactly where his brother had been imprisoned. 

“You will find him amongst the tallest trees and slimmest swamps in a fortress’ dungeon.” Lily whispered, sounding very mysterious indeed. 

Tom took her advice and asked a kind man if he knew where a large forest was, 

“There is only one large forest, my boy, it is called the ferocious woods, beware!”


There was no time to waste, he packed his gear, this included: water, a small amount of food, sword and spear, a map and a few bandages. He knew he didn’t have much gear but he had to begin his wild voyage!


Trudging through fields, towards the woods with grasses tall as skyscrapers. He didn’t know how long it would take but he knew he had to get into the woods and find shelter before nightfall. Light drizzle began to fall and the valley clouded in. The situation had become extremely gloomy. On and on he walked, his tiny legs aching. Being so miniature he felt like he had been walking for hours. Some time later he stumbled into the woods. Strange noises filled Tom’s ears hoot, hoot! The sounds of breaking twigs and the creaking of old oak trees, scared small Tom. Hollow, rotting logs covered the forest floor.

 “Perfect!” Tom cried as he clambered in and snuggled up inside the damp, dark tree.


He had only slept for a few hours, when he was woken, a worm was squirming over him. 

“Eww” he said trying not to scream. He decided that was enough sleep for him and set off. He wasn’t sure that he was heading in the right direction but something told him he was. After walking in the dark for about three hours Tom suddenly tumbled into a soggy, slimy swamp! Pulling himself out he gagged noticing he was covered in slime but not just that, he was covered in teeny tiny leeches!

 “Ouch!” he pulled the blood suckers off screeching in pain. His arms and legs were red and bleeding. Limping forward he noticed an outline of a building, through the fog, he had found the fortress.


Crouching down low, he could see search lights scanning the area. One guard was standing at the gate accompanied by a bulldog. Tom wasn’t completely sure how he was going to get in, but he could see bars over some of the windows meaning they must be cells. Tom tiptoed towards the building wall away from the guard. The smell of blood and carcasses filled Tom’s nostrils. Through a barred window he could see a man and a woman huddling in the corner. It was William and Poppy. Sadly the only way in was the main entrance. 


Tom calmly walked up to the tiny guard and dog and asked kindly if he would be able to pass.

“Nobody passes me,” grunted the guard. 

“You are a very kind and handsome gentleman, what is your name?” Tom greased. 

“My name is Paul Proud and this is Bella.” he continued pointing towards the bulldog. Tom had to come up with a plan, how was he going to get in? 

“Oh I do need to go to the toilet, may I come in and use yours?” Tom asked politely. 

“Since you are so delightful, I will show you the way,” Paul said, very proudly. Tom followed Paul towards the toilet block but when seeing a narrow alleyway he ducked inside, without Paul Proud noticing and set off looking for his brother’s cell. On the way he nearly got caught, if he hadn’t heard the guards laughing, he would have collided with them.


Tom could hear William’s voice echoing throughout the fortress, he had found them! 

“My darling Poppy, we are going to escape, someone will come looking for us.” William said. 

“What if nobody does!” Poppy wailed. Tom turned a corner and right in front of him behind bars were William and Poppy. Signaling for them to stay quiet, he snuck up behind the guards, knocking them out with the hilt of his sword. The key was in his grasp, he thrust it into the lock, turning it as he went. He pulled the weighty door open and ran towards his brother enveloping him in a bear hug.

 “You are a very brave and loyal brother, Tom, thank you.” murmured William.


Together they snuck out of the cell, knocking every guard to the ground. In the end Bella the bulldog was the only one left standing and Tom knew she hadn’t had a good life. Tom had to give Bella a better life, so she escaped with them. Suddenly someone called out 

“It won’t be that easy, boy”. Paul Proud had survived, Tom didn’t like that one bit. Paul shot an arrow, hitting Tom Trueheart in the leg. Pain and agony filled Tom’s body. His vision blurred and went dark…


Tom awoke lying in a hospital bed, his brother nowhere to be seen. A lovely nurse walked over to him 

“You gave us quite the scare, Tom.” she announced.

“Where are Will and Poppy?” Tom croaked, his leg still searing with pain. 

“Both of them are safe, they are very worried about you though, you have been out for nearly two days.” the nurse explained. Tom couldn’t believe it, he had been sleeping for two days. A few hours later William and Poppy visited him, 

“You are my hero.” William said. Tom’s heart lit up, he had never felt so good in his life.


By Emma Newton

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