End of Year Eight Letter

WALT write in a variety of ways for a range of purposes.

We had to write a letter to the staff and students of Karoro School. This was about our schooling years and memories.


Kia ora staff and students of Karoro School


My name is Emma Newton and I am a year eight student at Karoro School. I am writing this letter to thank all of the staff and students who have helped me throughout my schooling journey here at Karoro School. I can’t believe this is my last year at this school and I am really going to miss its welcoming atmosphere.


I have always remembered signing into Room Four and publishing our names with bright felt pens. I also loved having sticker charts and being excited to choose out of the treasure box. We also had a show and tell on Friday and we were able to bring in something to show the class.


In Room Three Ms Ewen always pretended to faint whenever seeing awesome work. She always said “You’ve blown me away” to the person whose work was great. I also experienced my one and only time on the lino in Room Three which I didn’t enjoy. 


I was in Room Two for two years and I really enjoyed baking with the class. I also remember looking through my reading box for the books I wanted to read and doing phonics. Everyone all had their own designated spot on the mat and had a chance to get their name in the top workers picture on the whiteboard. Charlotte arrived in Room Two as well and Casey and I helped her settle in. 


During my year in Room Six I really enjoyed the cooking and baking that we did for writing and creating instructions. Miss Hanley even found toothbrushes, which we wrote instructions on how to use. 


We got our Chromebooks in Room Five which was very exciting! I liked experimenting and learning how to do things on them. Learning about the digidig and kawa of care was also talked about alot in that class. Room Five was my class for two years and I really enjoyed doing drama and art interchange. 


In Room Seven we got to go on a three day camp to Arthur’s Pass. We did awesome day walks and played some really fun games. It was definitely one of my favourite camps with school and I really enjoyed it.


This year in Room Eight we have had the opportunity to do the William Pike Challenge Award which has been fantastic. We have done day tramps, bike rides, overnight tramps, rafting and even a beach cookout. This year has definitely been one of my favourites.

At Karoro School I have really valued the welcoming atmosphere and the lovely staff. I have thoroughly enjoyed my years at this school and have learned and developed so much. I think that this school can be for anyone and I am so proud to be a student here. I also value the wonderful outdoor space and classrooms that this school has to offer.


My message for younger students is to take all of the opportunities you have been given and to enjoy the experiences you get to go on. Karoro School gives you so many awesome opportunities and even if you aren’t sure about them, give them a go, you can’t say you dislike it if you haven’t tried it. 

Once again I would just like to thank everybody who has made my schooling journey great. Thank you! 

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