Summer Learning Journey Poetry Slam

Danica and I have worked together to create a poetry slam poem. We also preformed one from last years poetry slam. I really enjoyed this task and it kept us busy. We loved the topic being summer because it gave us so many ideas. It was an awesome activity!

2 thoughts on “Summer Learning Journey Poetry Slam

  1. Hi Emma & Danica,

    It’s Emma here fromm the Summer Learning Journey. It’s awesome to see you are getting stared on the summer activities. I loved all the ideas you came up with for you poetry! Unfortunately I need access to view your videos which I have now requested. Thanks!

  2. Kia ora Emma,

    This is Manar from the Summer Learning Journey Team.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and hearing your poems being read! You also made sure to read your poem with a lot of emotion, great pace and various tones.

    You have included a lot of awesome descriptive words of what summer feels to all your sense, of what you see, hear, smell and taste and touch. This is an outstanding poem that you should be both very proud of!!

    Keep up the amazing work!
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)

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