Summer Learning Journey Treasure Hunt

For this task I didn’t have a pre-made tube so I created one with paper and made tabs on the ends. I also created a box out of paper for some of the things to sit in. Pebbles were my weights and we had some string for tying things together. I already had a pen, piece of plastic, ruler, cardboard and some paper. This was a really fun task to do!

One thought on “Summer Learning Journey Treasure Hunt

  1. Hi Emma,

    It’s Emma here from the Summer Learning Journey. Im glad to hear you enjoyed this task and are getting into the summer activities. Your treasure hunt items are all well and clearly labeled. I love that you have been resourceful by making your own tube, a clever idea! What do you think you could use these items for? I imagine the pebbles could work well as paper weights! Thanks for sharing Emma.

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