Refugee Poem

WALT  write for an audience. One challenge I have when writing poetry is making it interesting by using great vocabulary.


Do They Know?


Despair and Sadness fills my heart

Unwanted, not needed is all we are

War is upon us we need to go

Bombs rain down as loud as thunder

Shrieks echo throughout the city 


Looking for somewhere we belong

Kilometers and kilometers we quickly run

Just so we are safe and out of harm


Rude, power-hungry people destroying the land

Killing, Torturing, Lying 

Ripping families apart


Some countries welcome us in to their arms

Others turn us away at first sight

Most families help us 

But the rest of them don’t


Do they understand what we have been through

Or do they just think we are like everyone else?


  • Emma Newton, Year 8, Karoro School

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